Brian Setzer – This Cat’s On A Hot Tin Roof – learn the intro with video and guitar tablature

Brian Setzer – This Cat’s On A Hot Tin Roof – intro with guitar tablature for instructional purposes.

BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD THE TAB: I’m helping you learn these licks/solos/songs with videos and tab, and now I am asking you to help me by turning-off your adblocker /white-listing my site, or make a donation using paypal or the link to purchase my song through iTunes. Thank you!



1 ) Donate using the PayPal Donate button

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Maxstrumental 6C – Single from iTunes

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4 comments on “Brian Setzer – This Cat’s On A Hot Tin Roof – learn the intro with video and guitar tablature

  1. I’m ready to jump in. :D Decided to suck it up and keep the strings I have and pay my dues. Now I just need to tune. Sooo… where do you recommend I should start? :D

    • Here is a link to an online guitar tuner.

      Always start with clean hands, the strings will last longer, and the guitar will remain easier to clean.

      Wipe your strings before and after you play.

      What do you wish to accomplish? Do you wish to learn a particular song? Strumming style? Finger-picking style?

      How much time do you think you will set aside to practice? Thirty minutes every day is much more effective than 3.5 hours on Saturday. You can focus better the entire time, and muscle-memory grows more quickly.

      Out of the thirty minutes (should you decide to set that aside), first five to ten minutes is warming up on the guitar, doing a few finger strengthening exercises, the rest is learning/practicing/playing.

      • Thank you so much for the info!!! Thirty minutes a day it is. I’m certain the tuning will use up the first thirty minutes at least. I’m so excited. Will let you know how it goes :) Will have to think about goals.
        I didn’t know that about cleaning the strings … Thank you !! :D
        (Next year I want to learn to play the drums. LOL)

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