Marshall Tucker Band – Ramblin’ – basic guitar chord progression

Learn how to play the Marshall Tucker Band’s “Ramblin’” main guitar chord progression. If you take the time to hand-write out the full song tablature, you will more quickly learn how to figure out songs on your own. That will help you for all the songs for which you cannot find the tab you want, or you find it and you know it doesn’t sound right.

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cdbaby link to They Say (Remastered)” by Rick McCargar


Marshall Tucker Band – Ramblin – guitar progression chord sheet

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7 comments on “Marshall Tucker Band – Ramblin’ – basic guitar chord progression

      • Yes! I like Allman Bros too! I know almost nothing about music theory, it’s a problem for me. But the chords like the D9, F9, F#º7, Cº7, are very cool and adds pretty bits to the progression. The jazzy characteristics that you’re talking about are related to this chords?

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