ZZ TOP La Grange – solo – guitar lesson with tab

Learn to play guitar: ZZ TOP – La Grange – solo guitar lesson with guitar tablature for instructional purposes.

My son is just starting guitar lessons, and played rhythm guitar on this video. It is great fun having a hobby that we share and can enjoy together.

Part Two:

Note: As of July 23rd, 2014, tab is no longer free.

I’m helping you learn these licks/solos/songs, and now I am asking you to please help me with a small donation.

There are two options to get a link to the google-drive folder containing all the tab I’ve pulled from the site including this one; Hotel California, La Grange, Tush, My Head’s In Mississippi, Free Bird, Layla unplugged, Jessica, Blue Sky, One Way Out, Landslide, Driving South, Mississippi Queen, Ramblin’, Heard It In A Love Song, Mary Had A Little Lamb (SRV version), Stairway to Heaven, and more…plus I will continue to add to this folder as I do new lessons, at no additional cost to you.


1 ) Donate $2 or more using the PayPal Donate button (PayPal fees are too high to make $1 worth it for me)

2 ) Donate by downloading my song from iTunes – I would prefer this method and it is less expensive for you. Maxstrumental 6C – Maxstrumental 6C – Single

When you’ve done one or both, send an email to me at guitarlicksandtabs@gmail.com telling me which method you chose and which email address you want me to send the link to. I will usually respond within hours, but it could be a day or so if I’m out.

That is a great deal for you, the tab matching my video lesson for a small donation, and if you support me by downloading my song, it helps me get visibility on iTunes so I show up in their search, and can maybe sell a few more songs. We all win.

Thank you for your support!


ZZ Top – Guitar Anthology

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28 comments on “ZZ TOP La Grange – solo – guitar lesson with tab

  1. The way you write out your tab is excellent. The notes you add at the top are the best. Trust me I’ve seen a lot. I’ll recommend your site when appropriate.

    Sent from my iPad

    • Thanks, I appreciate your taking the time to view and make the comment.

      Since I started relearning to play and posting the licks/solos songs in January 2012, following a couple of severe strokes, every month has been an improvement.

      But, I have to say, this is the coolest. Not every day an amateur guitarist gets to have a professional musician approve of his effort. Thanks, it means a lot.


  2. Hey, Richard! How do I go about setting up the PayPal Donate button? I wasn’t even aware that WordPress allowed this kind of thing. I know they bent their rules on ads, because they hooked up with Google Adsense, but that generates pennies. (Plus, they specifically tell you to not direct your readers to the ads!) I’d definitely be interested in increasing my revenue stream in new ways. Whatever info you can send my way would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the visits, and keep up the good work. Rock on!

    — YUR

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  4. Richard, thanks for stopping by my Blog now and again. Thats so nice of you. I’m happy to say I got my guitar out of storage…it’s a New Years thingy….looking into lessons A-gain…I wondered if I’m too old to start over, but maybe by the time I’m 60, I’ll know something, ha. cheers and Happy New Year

  5. Wow! You guys can jam. Man, I always want to play the guitar, but I’m all thumbs. However, I bought a folk guitar and this year I’m going to learn how to play- something.

    Your son plays great, can’t believe his just started.

    Richard, you play and teach with so much feeling. Seriously, I can feel every note. You are a Master of the Game. Do you have a CD? Are you on YouTube? If so, please send me the link.

    Once again, great post-very informative and entertaining.


  6. Wow, that was more than kind. Perspective is always odd in this regard; after a couple of severe strokes, I started relearning to play, and posted my first video mid-January of 2012, so I don’t see myself as having mastered guitar, but still happily struggling. The videos and this blog were my attempt to catalog my progress. I try to improve with each month. My left-hand and arm are pretty much cooperating, and my memory has improved greatly. Strokes defeated!

    Yes, I’m on YouTube, and can be found and subscribed to there at:

    If you have a folk guitar, this post of Duane Allman’s “Little Martha” would be a great song to learn. It sounds more difficult than it is. It’s in an open tuning, so when you strum the songs without fretting, it makes a chord. Mistakes are easier to hide in an open-tuning song.


    Norwegian Wood is in standard tuning, and is also fairly easy to learn:


    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


  7. I would like to thank you, for all the visits, ZZ TOP – La Grange, I just love, get down and dance your heart out. All through the 80s the bands I worked for play La Grange six nights a week, never got tiered of ZZ TOP…

    toad (chris jensen)

    • Never too late to start. It was only January of 2012 that I posted my first guitar lick, and had only restarted playing in December of 2011 following a long lay-off caused by a couple of strokes.

      If you wish to start, and have any questions, feel free to ask, and thank you for you kind words, visit, and the time you took to comment!

    • Loved the turn-of-phrase. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I realize that my blog is not a general interest blog, so your visit, though unexpected, was greatly appreciated.

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