The Eagles – Hotel California guitar solo lesson with lick-by-lick demo and tab

The Eagles – Hotel California guitar solo lesson with lick-by-lick demo and guitar tab.
Note: As of July 23rd, 2014, tab is no longer free.

I’m helping you learn these licks/solos/songs, and now I am asking you to please help me with a small donation.

There are two options to get a link to the google-drive folder containing all the tab I’ve pulled from the site including this one; Hotel California, La Grange, Tush, My Head’s In Mississippi, Free Bird, Layla unplugged, Jessica, Blue Sky, One Way Out, Landslide, Driving South, Mississippi Queen, Ramblin’, Heard It In A Love Song, Mary Had A Little Lamb (SRV version), Stairway to Heaven, and more…plus I will continue to add to this folder as I do new lessons, at no additional cost to you.


1 ) Donate $2 or more using the PayPal Donate button (PayPal fees are too high to make $1 worth it for me)

2 ) Donate by downloading my song from one of these services: iTunes/Amazon/CDBaby/Bandcamp – I would prefer this method and it is less expensive for you.

Maxstrumental 6C – Single from iTunes

MAXSTRUMENTAL 6C – download from cdbaby

MAXSTRUMENTAL 6C – download from Amazon

MAXSTRUMENTAL 6C – download from bandcamp

When you’ve done one or both, send an email to me at telling me which method you chose and which email address you want me to send the link to. I will usually respond within hours, but it could be a day or so if I’m out.

That is a great deal for you, the tab matching my video lesson for a small donation, and if you support me by downloading my song, it helps me get visibility on iTunes so I show up in their search, and can maybe sell a few more songs. We all win.

Thank you for your support!


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21 comments on “The Eagles – Hotel California guitar solo lesson with lick-by-lick demo and tab

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    • Make sure to let me know when you release your next recordings, I’ll look forward to buying them!

      I probably should have waited for another week or so worth of practice before I made this lesson, as it was still a bit rough…and I forgot to point out that for the ending, I was doing one of the harmony parts, as I figured most people could easily figure out the lead part, while probably struggle finding one of the harmony lines…

      Either way, thanks for stopping by, and please remember to let me know when you finish recording and release.

  2. You might want to check out Pheed. It’s a new social media site. Lots of kids on it who may be interested in learning. The part that may interest you is you can post a video FOUR HOURS LONG. I’m not their rep just tryin’ to be helpful. My Pheed is guitarsingeractor. If you sign up look me up and I’ ll subscribe and remix (retweet) your stuff.

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  4. I wish you were there when I was in high school…a struggling teenager unable to read music. A great solo! It’s right up there with Since I’ve Been Loving You and Child in Time.

  5. Rick great lesson. Can you give some detail about how you set up your guitar and amp? Which coil is up ? Both? I see you have the treble switch down. What are the tone and volumes set to on the guitar?


    • Thanks Jeff. Before I get going, I have no idea what you mean when you write “which coil is up”.

      I used the bridge pickup, volume backed off somewhere around nine, just lowered it until the pup isn’t overpowering. Backed off the treble a bit too. No pedal, just straight into the amp. If I recall, I used the 1958 section of the Vox Heritage amp, but don’t recall the settings. Best tone comes from the power tube section of an amp driving the speaker cabinet rather than using preamp to get your gain and not putting any real power to the speaker(s).

      Whatever amp you use, for this kind of classic rock, you are better off using it with powertube distortion pushing the speakers when possible.

      I’ve really favored lower-wattage (15W for the VOX and 22 for the Fender Super Sonic 22) amps lately because I can push them harder without the level being so loud that it’s not usable indoors.

      Hope that helps.

      • Rick
        Thank you for the feedback! I meant which pickup was pulled up bridge or neck. I play an Epiphone LP plus top with coil tap on the probuckers. I have been practicing with the bridge up and the neck down.


      • The Bonamassa Epi Les Paul doesn’t coil-tap. It has the Gibson U.S. Burstbuckers upgrade. I used the bridge pup, so that would be full humbucking, not single-coil because they don’t tap those pickups.

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