American Musical Supply Review: I Received an Unplayable Guild F-150RCE Jumbo Acoustic Electric guitar


Announced on twitter that I accepted AMS offer

Announced on twitter that I accepted AMS offer

I bought and eagerly awaited the arrival of my new Guild F-150RCE Jumbo Acoustic Electric guitar from and the guitar has serious neck problems, so I need to send it back.

Video review showing extent of the problems is below.

(EDIT: UPDATE BELOW – I adjusted the truss rod, and it improved the guitar dramatically, but did not fix the dead high-E string, nor of course, the crack at the 12th fret. You can see the new video below the original to hear how it sounds after adjustment.)

I know that from time-to-time, problems occur, and the way in which a company deals with the problem is an indication of their commitment to customer service in a very competitive online environment.

American Musical Supply readily offered to exchange my guitar for another when their next shipment arrives in two-weeks, exchange it for the “scratch-and-dent” guitar they have in stock, or to refund my money.

It would be three weeks until I would receive a replacement “new” guitar, so I asked what they would be willing to do to make me a happy customer….nothing beyond replacing/refunding.

Suffice to say that I am not happy with their customer service.

Guild Guitar is now owned by Cordoba Music Group, after their purchase of the company from Fender. This is a Chinese manufactured guitar, but at $1250, it is not inexpensive. This should never have been shipped.

I’ve purchased from, what they call their “sister” company, and they’ve quickly resolved any quality related problems to my satisfaction..and sadly, there have been a few.

So, here it is, an unplayable Guild guitar:

THE NEW VIDEO – After adjusting the truss rod:

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Rick McCargar

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The Rain Song on Martin D12X1AE before and after changing 4 year old strings

In this video, I’m using a 12-string Martin D12X1AE with 4-year-old strings to play Led Zeppelin’s “The Rain Song”, which I learned yesterday for this video, then I put on new strings and tried it again. You be the judge.

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Rick McCargar

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Dan Toler’s Acoustic Solo from Dickey Betts Hotel Jam: The Preacher – with tab

Dickey Betts Hotel Jam Guitar Solo – The Preacher (Horace Silver) – with tablature. Dickey and Dan Toler are shown in an after-concert hotel jam playing a bebop song written by Horace Silver called “The Preacher”. They play it in a western swing style that really captures the essence of the original song while including Dickey’s trademark style.

Dickey Betts’ “The Preacher” guitar solo lesson and Dickey Betts solo guitar lesson and tab can be found here.

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Dan Toler - The Preacher acoustic solo 1of2

Dan Toler – The Preacher acoustic solo 1of2

Dan Toler - The Preacher acoustic solo 2of2

Dan Toler – The Preacher acoustic solo 2of2