New Album of Original Songs: Back With the Jack! by Rick McCargar

New Album of Original Songs: “Back With the Jack!” by Rick McCargar!

UPDATE: Thank you for the support. The album release is going very well! Truly appreciated!

copyright 2014 Richard H. McCargar

The album “Back With the Jack” is a combination of Frank Zappa 1970′s swirling flanger style ironic parody in “Back WIth the Jack” about a trailer park party that ran out of Jack Daniel’s; a love song about how people affect our lives with the things “They Say”; “You Gotta Get Up and Riot! is a song that protests the NSA surveillance state; while “Streaming Sweatshops” points out that recording industry companies are again cheating artist’s in royalty payments; and I included an alternate take with megaphone vocals for “Back With the Jack”.

The album ends with a possibly “career ending” “She’s A Sorry Excuse For A Woman”, country song parody about a gold-digging gal.

Hope you think about a couple of them, and enjoy them all.

Thank you for listening, and feel free to drop me a note if you liked these songs, or have a request.

Peace, Rick.
released 25 July 2014
copyright 2014 Richard H. McCargar

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Allman Brothers – Jessica guitar solo lesson half-speed with tab

Learn to play the guitar solo from the Allman Brothers Band classic hit “Jessica” by Dickey Betts with a video demonstration at half-speed and guitar tab that you can view below.

Note: As of July 23rd, 2014, this tab is no longer free. For the past 2.5 years, tens of thousands of people have downloaded my tabs, but fewer than a one-hundred took the time to thank me, so I decided it was time for a change.

If you want to download the tab for this lesson, buy any one of the songs from my album “I’ll Be Back, Back With the Jack!”, email your receipt to, and I will provide a link to access the tab for that email address. Buy the entire album for $5 and I’ll include the tab for the top 10 songs on my channel.
Thank you for your support!


The Allman Brothers Band – The Definitive Collection for Guitar – Volume 2 (Guitar Recorded Versions)

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People Affect Our Lives With The Things “They Say” (Remastered)

Over the course of our lives, many people have opinions about the people we choose to love, and it isn’t rare that the relationships are affected by the things “They Say” (Remastered).

This is the remastered version of my first single, a simple acoustic singer-songwriter style original song.

Let me know if you liked it, hitting the “like” button and sharing it would help greatly.

If you enjoy the song, and/or my lessons, here’s an opportunity to give back by clicking on the iTunes button or cdbaby link to download my song “They Say (Remastered)”. Thank you! Rick

“They Say (Remastered)” on iTunes

cdbaby link to download “They Say” (Remastered)

The song is in the style of Jim Croce, James Taylor,Cat Stevens, Gordon Lightfoot,Bob Dylan, Lie by Tracy Lawrence, and Blake Shelton.

I used my well-loved Gibson Songwriter Deluxe EC acoustic guitar on this song, and would love to hear from you….so…what do you think?



Thank you for listening!