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If you enjoy the lessons, and/or download my tab for free, here’s an opportunity to give back by clicking on the iTunes or cdbaby button to download my new coversong “Little Martha” on iTunes”. I’d surely appreciate it! Thank you, Rick
Little Martha – Rick McCargar

My 2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional – 2015 Gibson SG Standard – 2013 Epi Bonamassa Signature Les Paul

2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional - 2015 Gibson SG Standard - 2012 Epiphone Bonamassa Signature Les Paul

2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional – 2015 Gibson SG Standard – 2012 Epiphone Bonamassa Signature Les Paul

Fender Super Sonic 22 guitar amp

Fender Super Sonic 22 guitar amp

My New 2013 Fender Select Stratocaster HSS!

2013 Fender Select Stratocaster HSS

2013 Fender Select Stratocaster HSS – side

2013 Fender Select Stratocaster HSS – full in case


Gave the Gibson Songwriter Deluxe to my daughter for graduating Summa Cum Laude from Old Dominion University’s School of Nursing, had to sell the Rickenbacker and the Fender Deluxe Player’s Strat and gave the Anniversary Vox Heritage amp to my son so he could enjoy it while I’m still around.

Guitars on the wall far exceed the beauty of typical art.

Just a few of the Guitars I’ve lost over the years:

Guitars i owned, but had to sell..

1999 Gibson SG Supreme w P90s - cherry sunburst with AA Maple cap.

1999 Gibson SG Supreme w P90s – cherry sunburst with AA Maple cap.

30 comments on “Gear Pix

  1. Very nice collection, almost need a Les Paul to top it off. Unusual guitar stands on the left too ( I like wall mounts ).The sunburst Stratocaster is classic (I’ve got the VG) and it looks like Fender is well represented although its a bit hard to tell what the 12 strings is; Martin dreadnought maybe. Uncluttered space to play in too…… all in all I’d say your a pretty lucky guy.

    • The 12 is a Martin as you surmised.

      I had to google the VG Strat. What a great demo at the 2007 NAMM. You must love it.

      Years ago, before I lost my business, I lost a collection of truly great guitars. I just added a photo of a few of them to my “gear” page:

  2. Very cool, you have an eye for classic, guitars, pedals and riffs. Is that a tube screamer back there ala SRV? I love the white pearl pickgaurd too, hopin to pick one up myself down the track. Thanks for sharing – I get off on that kind of stuff.

    My last birthday my wife got me a custom neckplate for my “Freddy” Fender and I was wrapped. Kind of a nice non-invasive way to customize;

    As for the VG I do love it mainly because I like playing Keef Richard’s open G. I don’t much use the DADGAD tuning or the baritone tuning. The 12 string is great because your still playing 6 strings so it makes it an easy guitar to play. The downside is the batteries – you have to use NiMH which is OK but you wouldn’t want them fading on you half way through a live solo (not a problem I have). In fact for someone like me who doesn’t have the money or space it is a good all rounder.

  3. The gold hardware on that strat looks REALLY nice – if mine was sunburst instead of black, I’d definitely swap out the chrome!

    • Vox amps are selling rather well over the past decade, so you should be seeing more of them around.

      My amp is the 50th Anniversary, Limited edition – all hand-wired, in the hardwood cab, one of 400 made. It has two channels, the 1958 and 1963 Top Boost, and it’s hot-rodded at the factory. The amp is only five years old. Great amp, but heavy.

      You can coax about any sound you need out of it with a little help.

      Nolatone is making some interesting TV style cabinets for their amps. Nostalgia sells…

      The Vox page for the amp:

  4. I see in your blog that you live in VA After 26 years of living in Philadelphia I am finally moving back home, I was born and raised in Va. I’ll be moving to Capron. Are you near Capron? I would also make a request for a lesson. I have been asking folks on Youtube for a long time to do my favorite Hendrix song as a lesson, but to date no one has done it. It’s Villanova Junction. I just think it is the most beautiful of all his songs. I really love the version from Woodstock. So if you could do this song as a lesson I would very deeply appreciate it. I love all the lessons you do. I am 51 and have been playing for a relatively short time. Can not afford lessons, so I just watch youtube and try to play what I can. Thanks, Tom Branch

    • Hello Tom,

      Yes, I moved here about two years ago to be near my children and grandchildren. They are in Norfolk and I didn’t want to be too terribly close so that I was intruding, so I bought a home in Portsmouth, only to learn that the tunnel is in need of repair, and that they plan a fifty-year toll…which is now being fought after the fact.

      Just googled Capron and learned that it is about fifty-five miles west on US 58. So it’s an hour-plus drive.

      Regarding Villanova Junction, it’s a Wes Montgomery style piece with quite a bit of really smooth octave runs. Much more difficult to play well than it would appear.

      Having never tabbed it out myself, I don’t know how close this is, but it could give you something to start with:

      I tab out each piece myself, and haven’t put that on the list because I’ve never had a request for it, and tabbing is quite time-consuming because I use a program called CAPO to slow down each song so I can nail the piece note-by-note.

      If interested, try playing with the songsterr piece, and see if you think it’s close. What you could do is use it as a way to teach yourself how to improve your ear.

      When I started, I actually just wore-out records by placing the record-player needle on the approximate spot I wanted to learn, and picking it up and putting it back down as many times as it took to figure out what was being played.

      The newer programs like CAPO (probably others too) make it much easier because you can slow any piece of a song down to any speed you like, it keeps it in pitch, and you can loop it so it plays it over, and over until you get it.

      You would be surprised how fast your ears develop when you apply yourself in this fashion.

      If you choose to try that, let me know if that tab was good. If it doesn’t seem close, then starting from scratch (what I always do) is a viable option. If that is the case, it will probably be months before I get around to it.

      Thanks for stopping by and for your generous remarks,

  5. Did you have to jettison the 6/12? If so, what a shame. Found your site while searching for Allman Brothers stuff. Nice work on Bluesky, I have a Ditto looper, and you can layer as many parts as you like, and it works beautifully on the tunes with dual guitar parts. Great site, keep up the good work.

    • Yeah, the Gibson had to go, like the others.

      Thanks for the kind words.

      The ditto is a great idea, and I’m thinking of picking one up. Currently, I used the looper in my tc electronic FlashbackX4, but it would be nice to not have to pull that out every time I just wanted to do some looping.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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