ZZ TOP – Jesus Just Left Chicago – Live Outro Guitar Solo Demo with guitar tab

This video is a guitar lesson showing how to play the outro guitar solo to ZZ TOP’s “Jesus Just Left Chicago” from the 2008 Live in Texas concert.

I hope you enjoy learning this outro solo! Please “like” it on youtube and follow me there for updates!

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ZZ Top – Jesus Just Left Chicago Outro Solo from 2008 Live in Texas Concert
Jesus Just Left Chicago outro solo guitar tab
Jesus Just Left Chicago outro solo guitar tab


Stockyard Strut – by Denny Ilett – first section

I’m learning the electric guitar parts of “Stockyard Strut” by Denny Ilett off his “The Organ Blues Series 2” album. You can find his lessons on JamTrackCentral.com

On this video I’m playing my 2018 Gibson ES-335 Figured Dark Vintage Natural semi-hollow electric guitar and playing through my practice amp, a Vox DA5. That’s also battery operated if you want to take it with you.

Funny how often I use that eight-year-old digital amp to practice rather than firing up one of my tube amps.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Little Martha – Rick McCargar


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RJ’s Bb Blues – Third Section played on Gretsch G5422TG Electromatic

RJ’s Bb Blues – Third Section played on my Gretsch G5422TG Electromatic® Hollow Body Double-Cut with Bigsby® and Gold Hardware, Snowcrest White.

Learned/memorized the third section of an instrumental by RJ Ronquillo yesterday and will be quite a while before it is really clean..but I record ever time I practice and have been doing so since I started to relearn to play following a couple of strokes.

Besides the loss of the proper use of my left hand/arm my memory was affected so I struggle to learn new things but it’s better than it was a number of years ago when it was impossible.

So, I’m excited. More so about learning and recalling new pieces than perfecting new parts because for my long-term recovery, my brain working is the most essential. But I also try to practice all the new pieces so that they sound good over time.

I also work on metronome and playing along with songs every day.

RJ’s Bb Blues – 3rd section:

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