ZZ TOP – Jesus Just Left Chicago – solo with guitar tablature

ZZ TOP – Jesus Just Left Chicago – solo with guitar tablature for instructional purposes.

Before You Download The Tab: I’m helping you learn these licks/solos/songs and lessons, and now I am asking you to please help me with a small PayPal donation, buy “Little Martha” from iTunes or stream my song Maxstrumental 6C for free using Apple Music, Spotify or rdio.com, or watch my video titled “Caroline’s Kaleidoscope Chill” below. Please also add the songs to playlist. Thank you!
Download “Little Martha” from iTunes, I’d sure appreciate it!
Little Martha – Rick McCargar


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ZZ TOP – Jesus Just Left Chicago – solo guitar tablature

8 comments on “ZZ TOP – Jesus Just Left Chicago – solo with guitar tablature

  1. ZZ Top…. I love ZZ Top! Well played, Richard. I can’t wait to hear the full version of “I Got to Paid” that ZZ Top did for the Jeremiah Weed commercial.

      • I just downloaded the track from iTunes – didn’t realize ZZ Top released it this week. Thanks for the heads up!

      • Thank you. I wasn’t even aware they’d put out any new songs until you mentioned the ad I’d never heard of, and decided I had to google. Learned about a liquor I’ve never heard of and new songs. Good weekend!

    • Thank you for checking it out. After a couple of strokes, I’m now playing for therapy and to try to keep organized. As a result of the strokes, my playing isn’t what I would like it to be, but for those wishing to learn the licks it shows where and how they’re played, and I add the tablature to help.

      My son has a Dean razorback explosion that I’ve wanted to use, but haven’t yet had the chance.

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