Statesboro Blues – Duane Allman slide guitar – preparing for a lesson

So I’m preparing to do a full lesson on how to play the Duane Allman slide guitar parts from the Allman Brothers Band “Fillmore Live” version of “Statesboro Blues”, and this is where I’m at as of February 25th, 2016.

Today I’m practicing doing loops of the first minute or so. Let me know what you think of the progress I’ve made working on this over the past three days. Thanks!


Download “Little Martha” from iTunes, I’d sure appreciate it!
Little Martha – Rick McCargar



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2 comments on “Statesboro Blues – Duane Allman slide guitar – preparing for a lesson

  1. That’s pretty good, I’ve been noodling around with it but its tricky coming in from so far away and hitting the notes spot on. Although I can’t play it, it gives me a new appreciation of the moondog. Greg’s voice was in fine form too.

    • The more I play, the more I realize that most of the great ones played a lot of guitar. Things that seemed tough or impossible to do become possible with more effort. I think it’s the dedication to working at it that separates those players from the rest of us.

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