Allman Brothers ’69 version of “Trouble No More” my play-along

This video is my play-along cover of the Allman Brothers Band 1969 version of – “Trouble No More”. This is the first song the brothers jammed to when they put together the full band, and the final tune the ABB played in concert.

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Thank you,
Rick McCargar

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2 comments on “Allman Brothers ’69 version of “Trouble No More” my play-along

  1. your stuff is great and so helpful. Do you have a directory of all the different songs you worked through? I love the live Allman Brothers breakdowns you did. Have you ever did Every Day I Have the Blues by Marshall Tucker?

    • Thanks Mike. No, I haven’t done that MTB song. On the right hand side of the page near the top is a search box, and down the right hand side is a place you can find links to “Artist/Band/Styles” that should help you.

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