Quick TRIO Band Creator Jam #1 – Allman Brother Band style

This is not a full review of the DigiTech TRIO Band Creator “band in a box” style guitar pedal. I just pulled it from the box, plugged in my guitar and amp and started jamming with it.

you plug it in, give it some chords to work with, choose a genre of music and style within that genre and start jamming! It adds an appropriate bass line and drum rhythym for the genre.

Like most free-flowing unplanned jams, you aren’t hoping for perfection, you’re looking for new inspiration and new ideas that pop into your mind in a setting that is somewhat unfamiliar.

Kind of like find a room full of horse manure and thinking; “with all that shit, there must be a pony in there somewhere!”

I’m going to need practice or the digital drummer and bass player will replace me! Haha.


Download “Little Martha” from iTunes, I’d sure appreciate it!
Little Martha – Rick McCargar



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