KTOE AM-1420 Fires Disabled Host of The Morning Blend – Dan McCargar

My understanding is that after years of faithful service, Dan McCargar, who is disabled with MS, was fired without notice, and without any benefits or retirement from KTOE AM-1420 in Mankato, Minnesota.

Within ten minutes of ending his show, The Morning Blend, they walked him out.

Then, they told on-air staff to pretend he was just out for the remainder of the week. It’s terrible what they did to him.

I called in and spoke to one of KTOE’s on-air staff, who said he was upset and that he was Dan’s “partner”, but I confronted him with the fact he was sitting in Dan’s chair, so to speak, while lying to the audience. This employee explained he was told to not tell the audience the truth.

What kind of people can do this to others, and in the case of the on-air staff member, still claim to be a partner?

KTOE AM-1420 – what kind of people allow this to happen and don’t say a word?

My brother Dan served the community for many years, never asking for anything in return. He’s a good man who deserved better.

He needs people to stand up for him now. He needs this to be made right. If you are in a position to help, please do so.

If the most you can do is contact KTOE: 507-345-4537, to tell them you are disappointed in how they handled this, please do that.

Thank you,

Rick McCargar

Dan McCargar the Morning Blend
Dan McCargar – sports broadcaster

KTOE AM 1420 Mankato Minnesota