Jim Croce: These Dreams intro – guitar lesson at full and half-tempo

Learn how to play the guitar intro to “These Dreams” by Jim Croce with video demonstration at full and half-tempo.

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Little Martha – Rick McCargar


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5 comments on “Jim Croce: These Dreams intro – guitar lesson at full and half-tempo

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  2. I always play ‘the main theme’ when I’m in guitar shops, mainly because it sounds a bit classical but I never followed it up by learning the accompaniment. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Hello there, haven’t seen you around in a while. Hope all is okay with you. I love Jim Croce’s songs. Plan to do quite a few more of them, just need to work on them. Not as easy as the rest of this stuff because I’d taken a break from fingerpicking. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

      Since you were last here, I wrote a couple of songs, figured out that it was time or I’d never get around to it…one is acoustic, the other a rap-parody in blues-rock. Both on my site….

      Again, thanks!

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