Dan Toler’s Acoustic Solo from Dickey Betts Hotel Jam: The Preacher – with tab

Dickey Betts Hotel Jam Guitar Solo – The Preacher (Horace Silver) – with tablature. Dickey and Dan Toler are shown in an after-concert hotel jam playing a bebop song written by Horace Silver called “The Preacher”. They play it in a western swing style that really captures the essence of the original song while including Dickey’s trademark style.

Dickey Betts’ “The Preacher” guitar solo lesson and Dickey Betts solo guitar lesson and tab can be found here.

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Dan Toler - The Preacher acoustic solo 1of2

Dan Toler – The Preacher acoustic solo 1of2

Dan Toler - The Preacher acoustic solo 2of2

Dan Toler – The Preacher acoustic solo 2of2